About our organization:

1. Business Plan: Our business plan seeks to reach out to local businesses and bring them together in collaborative/complimentary relationships that support the products and services of businesses located in and serving the greater Bettendorf area.

2. Business Name: Bettendorf Business Alliance

3. Organization Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to promote businesses in the greater Bettendorf area, contribute the growth of the local economy and support civic improvement projects that benefit the entire community.

4. Who are organization members and what responsibilities do they have? Our members are business either located in the greater Bettendorf area or businesses and that offer products and services to Bettendorf area residents. We ask our members to participate in our programs and activities and contribute to our financial support, as able. No one is excluded for financial reasons.

5. What are the organization's short term goals? Our short term goals are very simple. We are building a series of complimentary/collaborative partnerships that will actively support each other in our effort to promote local businesses.

6. What are the organization's long term goals? Over the long term we will create a network of businesses working together to support each other and the local economy. We sponsor a Ridge Hospitality in the Utica Ridge corridor to attract visitors to our businesses. We also work in Uptown Bettendorf to create collaborative and complimentary partnership to make Bettendorf a destination location for shopping

7. What products and services do we offer? We offer services that link and promote area businesses through unique promotional activities. Our Featured Businesses Interviews offered through our Facebook pages (Discover Bettendorf Businesses and Bettendorf Business Alliance) are a first step in that direction. We have also developed a website that will link businesses to community events and other area businesses. We are all about business collaboration.

8. What is our marketing plan and how will we reach our members and the public? Through our Facebook pages (Discover Bettendorf Business and Bettendorf Business Alliance) and through our websites (www.bettalliance.org and (www.visittheridge.org) we will promote our activities to create and support complimentary/collaborative partnerships that draw consumers to our area.

9. What is our target market? We intend to promote businesses in the greater Bettendorf area. The greater Bettendorf area includes businesses located in or adjacent to the City of Bettendorf. We also include businesses offering products and services within Bettendorf community. Through our Ridge Hospitality District we reach out to business travelers, tourists and relocating families to connect them with our business membership.

Our business marketing group will expand our business plan as the nation and economy begin to recover and expand.. Please contact us for additional information